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Report a Dress Code Incident - St. Johns County, FL

The purpose of this form is to collect information on dress code incidents in
Saint Johns County School District (SJCSD), Florida.

This is a non-commercial, private, parent-led effort to collect and organize documentation
of dress code incidents in SJCSD. This site is not associated with any government entity or
entities but responses may be shared with third parties, including but not limited to the
Saint Johns County School Board, in efforts to evaluate dress codes and the enforcement of
dress codes in SJCSD. Incident information collected here may or may not be part of the official
record kept by the Saint Johns County schools. If you have concerns about a dress coding incident
within SJCSD, please also address those concerns directly with the school and district administration.

If you have questions or would like more information, please join the
St. Johns County School District: Change the Dress Code group on Facebook.

Incident Date
Dress Code Issue
Type of Staff Involved
Staff Member Name
Incident Location
How Was It Handled?
Consequence Given
Impact on the Student Did the student feel harrassed, violated or embarrassed?

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